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Scientifically, from your nervous system out.

You’re an entrepreneur because you can handle what others can’t.

Funding needs, multi-disciplinary team management, technology integration, talent acquisition? Bring it on!

Your ability to do more in 18 minutes than most people can do in 18 hours is your superpower, and you love keeping your nose to the grindstone because momentum = life.

But, you’re still human.

That means that, at some point, stress, fear and self-doubt enter
the picture, and threaten to shake the foundation of your nervous system and your business.

If you’ve been running on overdrive day after day, night after night, all your efforts into a house of cards... Don’t let that happen!

If you need to kill it this year in your life and your business, you’re going to need to get scientific with your brain. And I can help you do it.

Entrepreneurs, executives, and managers have a secret...

Not the secret sauce to success - but a secret that could destroy their credibility and the trust from others as a leader that they depend on.

That secret is… stress.

Not the stress we all write off because it’s overused and cliche’

Because let’s face it - everyone is stressed.

And as a leader, you can’t just talk about how stressed you are. It doesn’t help or solve the problems even if you did (in fact talking about your stress will actually make it worse).

In fact, you need stress. You thrive off it (sometimes a little too much).

The reality of your life and career is that you can’t afford an off day - and if you do you’re managing yourself all wrong.

If you think you’re Gary Vaynerchuk and just need to put in another 7 hours to be successful, you’re wrong.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are or how hard you work if you’re operating off a weak nervous system.

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Hiding it, stuffing it down - it just covers up a weak nervous system.

It’s not real resilience.

And the longer you sit in denial the more your productivity - and your revenue - is going to decline and suffer.

Your health - well that’s a given. And while it’s something you might have bumped down the priority list for now - it will nail you.

A weak nervous system is the beginning of all disease. And the beginning of all cognitive decline.

This kind of stress - that you need, that you seek - it’s the kind you you don’t let anyone see impact you. The kind you take home with you. The kind that keeps you up at night staring at the ceiling. The kind that makes your heart race before you even get out of bed.

You carry this in your role… in your many roles. As owner… leader… provider. At work and at home.

The weight of your daily responsibilities as you try and juggle work-life balance are heavy. And they never let up - they never take vacation - and they’re slowly destroying you - whether you realize it or not.

Stress trumps all other lifestyle hacks you use to try and stay at the top of your game. It wreaks havoc like an insidious parasite… from the inside-out.

everyone has bad can it really be?

We’re all busy... We’re all stressed out. So it can‘t be all that bad, right?


It’s related to more instances of disease than smoking, not exercising, and eating garbage. It impacts every cell in your body and how you’re able to emotionally regulate in any given moment. It dulls your edge and makes you feel out of control.

Stress is a ticking time bomb

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...for your health - and your corporate success.


And it’s poorly managed by old school techniques and even traditional counseling.


So it weakens you - but you don’t share it. Because you never let them see you sweat… remember?


You’ll notice it creep in through physical symptoms of anxiety, gastrointestinal disorders like heartburn, IBS, digestive upset, headaches, teeth grinding, fatigue, and insomnia.

Stress will own you

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It’ll pop up with mental - emotional symptoms including irritability, lack of focus, difficulty connecting to peers, friends, family, (even your kids)... increased reactivity and over-reactivity, over-personalizing, lack of perspective, loss of motivation or drive, reduced productivity…


And no joy. Not in what you do, not in who you are, not in the life that you’ve worked so hard to create.





Stress will shorten your career, limit your income, and stunt your success. In every way.

So what's the solution???

The solution… is to deal with this secret like you would a weak muscle. By building strength. By creating long term resilience to the stressors in your life.

Through modern brain science and nervous system regulation. Brain coaching… right in your own office.

There’s no digging up and crying over childhoods you can’t get a do-over for. There’s no psychoanalytic purging. There’s no overexposure.

We’re talking exercise for your brain that’s about strength. Building on what you’re already killing it at and reinforcing what you’re not.

It’s mental health prevention for you and your employees, but it’s more than that. This is applied neuroscience that will put you back in the driver’s seat of your life in every way.

This is where I come in…

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Your brain coach

I’m a therapist with thousands of hours of working with people just like you. I work with a neuroscience based modality called SRT (™) (Self Regulation Therapy). And I’m in the top 5% of SRT therapists in the world.

I know how you’re wired as an entrepreneur and I help you leverage that rather than dilute it to be like everyone else.

What I do is not like the therapy you’ve had before or seen on TV. This is specific, strategic, and science based. And it works. We’re not going to sit and talk about your symptoms or go through a list of shitty things that have happened to you.

A better, more effective, more prosperous you

In working together, we’re going to look at where you need to be, what’s stopping you in your own mind, where your nervous system isn’t performing, and develop a neuroscience based brain coaching program to move you from where you are now - to where you need to be.

So that when you get there you’re on fire, not depleted. You’re ready for the next level, not ready for a vacation.

By honing in on your own unique wiring and make up I can help you replace a weak nervous system - with unstoppable resilience.

Your new secret?

  • You'll feel in control.
  • You'll feel calm and confident.
  • You'll feel completely unstoppable.
  • You will move through your life with intention and purpose without the side effects of toxic stress.

Choose the package BELOW that’s right for you and book your call to get started today…

Package 1 - Solopeneur

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  • We work in a series of one on one sessions, with your choice of virtual meetings or on site meetings. You’ll get the psychoeducation on how your brain works now, where it’s holding you back. I’ll develop a plan customized for your goals, the context of your life, and help you manage the unexpected. I’ll keep you accountable and progressing and teach you how to continuously increase your resilience and acceleration to your victories.

Package 2 - Owners With A Team

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  • Workshop webinar style presentations to you and your staff either virtually or on site. I’ll meet with key leaders in your business and create resilience plans for management team and a top-down approach for corporate wellness, identifying and mitigating red flag areas that are compromising teamwork, employee production, satisfaction, and loyalty. I’ll have a designated amount of appointment slots for identified team members and leaders to strengthen weak areas and increase engagement, momentum and productivity

Package 3 - Corporate Wellness

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  • I deliver tailored resiliency education and information via weekly webinars to your staff and work with key leaders to support maximizing employee satisfaction and productivity while establishing corporate culture and key areas of training for learning, efficiency, and team building. I’ll work onsite or virtually with designated leadership counselling spots available for members of your team as needed particularly around times of high stress and high need in the business. This package is based on a 1 year commitment.

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